Home Furnishing for Great Window Treatments

Written on April 5, 2009 – 4:16 am | by Staff |

Whether you are planning on selling your house or just redecorating, you can always make your house more appealing by changing the window treatments. Here are some easy and great window treatment ideas to spruce up your windows.

Window Treatment Ideas

1. Minimal is “in”

Strip those heavy drapes and replace them with simple shades or a lighter curtain. The streamlined look is favored by many and simple is beautiful. If you don’t like shades, then you can use an upholstered cornice or a swag valance.

2. Light it up

Allow more natural light to enter your room. An attractive pleated shade will offer privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light to pass through. Sheer window treatments are also great for allowing natural light to pass but are poor when it comes to providing privacy.

3. Choose current colors

Light and cool colors will make a small room look larger and brighter. Dark colors, on the other hand, will make a large room more inviting and comfortable. The terra cotta shades, with persimmons, peaches and oranges are very ‘in’ mixed with greens, blacks and golds. Cotton fabric prints can be mixed with a treatment or a coordinating print on a valance or cornice.

4. Put some texture

Add some texture to your room with some Roman shades that are made of rattan, bamboo or other natural fibers. These shades will add some visual texture to your room while still performing its purpose.

5. Soften direct light

Too much direct sunlight can cause damage to furnitures and other home furnishings. It will also make the room unpleasant and hot. Simple blinds and shades will do the trick without looking too heavy.

6. Put some curves

There are plenty of straight lines in a room, especially the kitchen. To soften this up, you can add a window treatment with soft curves to open up the space. Arching a valance is a good option. Other options are a curved cornice, a box-pleated valance with a curved line along the bottom or a London Shade that is nearly flat at the top but falls from inverted pleats to gentle swags along the bottom with wings at either side.

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  2. By Jennifer on Aug 25, 2009 | Reply

    Where can I buy these valances?

  3. By Geraldine on Apr 23, 2010 | Reply

    Where can we purchase the valances on the home page website for window treatments?

  4. By Haely on Nov 29, 2010 | Reply

    what curtain rods are u using,and where can i get them?

  5. By Donna Foster on Feb 5, 2011 | Reply

    Where can I purchase this valance or a pattern to make them?

  6. By Riko on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    I really love the style of this valance! Where can I purchase the valance? Or perhaps a pattern to make them?

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