Effective and Modern Room Air Conditioner to Cool Your Room

Written on April 2, 2009 – 5:51 am | by Staff |

During the hot season or hot weather, people are suffering because it is hot especially in tropical countries or hot countries. In times like this, you may consider buying a new room air conditioner. But if you already have one, then maybe you need to run the room air conditioner properly and smoothly or maybe getting it fix. You need an effective wall-mounted, portable or window-mounted room air conditioner to cool your room and in this, it can make your life easier during hot days.

Some people consider a central air conditioner so that it could cool an entire house but in this idea, it consumes a lot of energy and electricity and it means you will pay a lot for your electricity. The room air conditioner is much more energy efficient and sensible because you will only have to cool the room that you want during hot weather. This is the advantage of the room air conditioner than the central air conditioner because it only consumes an amount of energy and electricity required to cool a room or space.

The modern design room air conditioners are quiet and energy efficient. The modern room air conditioner are very functional with many features and can meet the cooling demands of a room or space depending on the size of the room. Room air conditioners nowadays have digital thermostats to remote controls and variable fan speeds. This energy efficient features can save you money.

There are millions of households have room air conditioners nowadays and these numbers are increasing. Not only household but also business establishments. There are factors why room air conditioners are getting popular today and these are:

  • Affordability: There are small models of room air conditioners that cost as little as $100. Large room air conditioners, with greater cooling capacities, can run to $700.
  • Efficiency: Many units have variable digital controls instead of the simple HIGH and LOW settings of earlier models. Units with energy saver switches provide further help in cutting down on utility costs.
  • Availability: Room air conditioners are sold at most big-box hardware stores, as well as at chain supermarkets, pharmacies, and department stores. Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore and LG are among the top-selling brands of room air conditioners.

In all types of room air conditioners, the window type is the most popular. This type if room air conditioner is easy to install. But before buying one, you must measure the dimensions of your window. A manual on how to install the air conditioner is included in the package. The portable type room air conditioner is a more practical one because you can take it anywhere you want in your house. This type of air conditioners are self-contained, freestanding units, are the new kids on the block.

Room air conditioners performs well when you install it properly in a room that its size can handle the capacity of the room. If you put a small air conditioner in a large room then it will take more time to cool the room and you will waste money and energy. If you also put an oversized air conditioner will cycle on and off, wasting energy, increasing electric bills, straining the unit, and doing a poor job of dehumidifying the room.

Variables that can affect cooling capacity include:

  • If you live in a very warm climate, you may need an AC that outputs more BTUs per hour than recommended.
  • You may need a higher BTU rating for air conditioners located in kitchens and other rooms with a lot of heat.
  • Portable air conditioners generally are not as efficient as window air conditioners, so it is a good idea to get a more powerful unit.
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