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Concrete Services Offered in Toronto and Cambridge Construction 

Concrete Services Offered in Toronto and Cambridge

Whether you are putting up a new building or renovating an existing one, you are bound to need concrete services at some point. Luckily, there are companies that are renowned for offering a complete range of concrete services for different kinds of clients. Furthermore, the experts at these companies have a large assortment of machinery and equipment, such as cranes and dock levelers, which they use to efficiently perform different tasks.

Concrete Services Offered in Toronto, and Cambridge

If you are in Toronto or Cambridge, you will find companies that offer exceptional concrete services for small and large construction, renovation, as well as demolition projects. They can handle slab sawing for a multi-level indoor project or trench-cutting for a plumbing application. Whether you are in need of concrete grinding in Toronto, or you are looking for experts in electric excavating in Cambridge, these companies have you covered. Their services include:

  1. Slab/Flat Sawing

Flat or slab sawing is a technique that is used for cutting trenches in reinforced concrete slabs, as well as cutting suspended slab openings. Furthermore, they also use a range of sawing equipment, such as electrical, gas, as well as diesel propane machines which ensure maximum efficiency. Slab sawing is ideal for multi-level indoor applications and hard-to-access areas like hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools and food processing plants. These experts have specialized in:

  1. a) Shallow sawing to provide precautionary control joints in floors.
  2. b) Sectional sawing of pits, floors, stairs, ramps and decks prior to removal.
  3. c) Straight-line sawing for installation of conduit, trench drains, pipes or floor drains.
  4. d) Precision sawing of floors, particularly for crane bases or machine bases.
  5. Wall Sawing

Using diamond blades on track-mounted systems, electric or diesel wall sawing usually provides precise-cuts for:

  1. a) Precision sawing of concrete or brick walls for window or door openings.
  2. b) Sectional sawing of pre-cast concrete wall panels for demolition.
  3. c) Sectional sawing of poured concrete or brick walls prior to removal or demolition.
  4. Wire Sawing

When your concrete or masonry structure is too huge to be cut by a saw, these experts usually use electric or diesel wire sawing methods. Here, they insert a steel cable which is affixed with diamonds. This is a quick sawing technique, which can even be used to cut things that are under water. Furthermore, wire cutting creates clean, precise-cuts, and can cut through steel and rebar beams. The process allows these professionals to effectively cut concrete structures of different thicknesses for mass concrete removal without any breakage, and it also eliminates any other potential structural damage.

  1. Core Drilling

Core drilling usually involves the process of creating horizontal or vertical holes at any angle. Highly skilled and well-trained experts use this technique to create holes for plumbing, HVAC openings, anchor bolts and many electrical applications. This technique is used to remove precise cylinders of materials from roadways, walls, ceilings and floor slabs, among other applications.

In addition to the activities of excavation, drilling and sawing, these experts also provide an array of related services such as concrete forming/finishing, concrete grinding, excavation, concrete breaking, concrete GPR scanning/X-raying and concrete removal. Furthermore, all their services are delivered while adhering to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. So, if you are in need of services such as concrete grinding in Toronto, or electric excavating in Cambridge, these experts can help you out.

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