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Innovative Painting Ideas for Home Interior

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 |

Paint adds glamour, elegance and life to any room. It can also make or break any room design and style. Colors make anything unique and attractive and this is the reason why we paint the interior of our homes. There are many styles, designs, texture and colors to choose from when it comes to painting the interior of our homes. Each paint color must be selected well so that it can enhance the design scheme for a specific room in your house.


Country and Natural Home Decorating Ideas

Monday, February 7th, 2011 |

Country and natural home decorating ideas is now becoming popular. This look brings the outside to the interiors of your home, giving it a fresh, soothing and comfortable feel and look. Country style decorating ideas uses wood, wood textures, terracotta, natural and earth colors and other things that you can find outside such as plants and foliage.


Wall Decor Ideas for Kid’s Bedrooms

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 |

Kid’s rooms are the only room the house that will grow up with its owner. This is why kid’s room should be painted, decorated and furnished in a way that you will not be constantly buying new ones to replace the outgrown items. It is also the only room in the house where you can be a child again, loving all the cute stuff, the wild colors and the fun.

Children’s bedrooms should be airy and bright but not too dazzling. You can paint one of the walls with blackboard paint. This will be the kid’s drawing corner because we all know that kids love to draw on the walls. You can name this wall, the creative or art wall. The child’s art works are showcased here.

The child’s achievements such as his framed certificates, medals, trophies and even things that relates to his interests can be showcased. You can name this wall as the child’s “wall of fame” which celebrates the child’s uniqueness and talents. A wall of fame will definitely enhance your child’s morale.

Another wall decoration idea is to create an inspirational wall. This wall will allow the child and you to post inspirational messages. This will boost your child’s confidence. You can post calligraphy posters, framed inspirational quotes or make one with your child and post it on the inspirational wall.

You can also try the “hero or fairy tale wall”. Young kids usually have a favorite hero or a fairy tale character. You can then feature it with the child’s chosen character and you can even let the child select which ones will be featured on his hero/fairy tale wall. You can then update the featured character from time to time as the child’s taste changes.

The wall of recollections is also a great idea. You can place on this wall your child’s and your family’s mementos and souvenirs from trips and other memorable occasions. Family pictures, self portraits, friend’s pictures and mementos can be featured on this wall.

To decorate your choose “theme wall”, you can buy self adhesive wall decorations which look like embossed decorations after you set them up. You’ll find different sorts of wall decorations for young people bedrooms such as butterflies, bees, flowers and many others. Along with the walls, the bedroom ceiling must also complement the entire room’s decorative scheme.

Don’t go overboard with your decorations or else it will only produce a cluttered room. Don’t get carried away and put all the things on the wall. You can change the featured things on the wall from time to time. This way all of the child’s cherished things. Now that you have these wall decorating ideas, you can now with your child what kind of theme wall he wants.

Wall Fountains for Indoors

Friday, August 13th, 2010 |

Indoor wall fountains are great for bringing the outdoors indoors, be it in your home or in your office. Indoor wall fountains are a distinctive piece of artwork. Placing traditional pieces of artwork are good but it tends to be overlooked after sometime. With indoor wall fountains, you will be reminded by it because of its gentle and soothing sound at the same time providing your space with soothing elegance and giving an aura of calm and serenity.

Picking and choosing an indoor wall fountain can sometimes be confusing because there are many designs to choose from, from the most elegant and exquisite to the simplest designs. However, if you are determined, you can choose the perfect one for you. There are things to consider first before you can finally decide on which design, including its size and color, to choose. The first one is to decide where you want to put the indoor wall fountain. You can choose from the corner, along the hallway, on your favorite spot or on the place where you and your friends gather. The place where you want to place the indoor wall fountain will definitely affect your final choice.

Next is to know if what you choose will blend and complement the present design scheme of your space. Make sure that it will not be out of place or else it will be a disaster instead of enhancing the look of your place. The next thing to consider is the material and make of the indoor wall fountain. These fountains can be made of metal, marble, stone, graphite, ivory, slate and many more. After this, you can choose if you want a single panel, double panel or even a three-panel fountain. These fountains are also available in horizontal or vertical designs. A vertical wall fountain can be excellent in a area with substantial cathedral like walls and a horizontal fountain may be apt for extended hallways with small ceiling. Compact indoor wall fountains can be placed in entryways and small offices. You can consult your designer or fountain specialists so that they can help you decide which indoor wall fountain to choose. You can highlight your fountain with proper lighting so that you will get the maximum impact.

After having your indoor wall fountain installed, make sure that you take good care of it regularly. Make sure that the water is refilled periodically and the fountain be wiped down every few days. The fountain must be cleaned to get rid of traces of any algae expansion or mineral deposits every two months. Use of distilled drinking water will avert mineral deposits from accumulating inside fountain.

After having your indoor wall fountain, you can then sit back, relax and enjoy the calm and serene aura that your fountain will give off.

The Benefits of Self Adhesive Wall Tiles

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 |

The Benefits of Self Adhesive Wall Tiles

With this fast moving trend and ever-tangled lives we live in this modern day, it is not possible to engage in every single household chore on our own. However with such busy lives that people live nowadays, they prefer to keep going all these household chores in the easiest way achievable. One example of this is home improvement could be the self adhesive wall tiles. These tiles transpire to become one of the most comfortable and effortless choice for modern living. They are also a superb solution for anyone who wants an affordable solution to renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

What are Self Adhesive Wall Tiles?
Essentially, self adhesive wall tiles possess a sticky backing and are made from vinyl which has the decorative front sides of the tiles. A sticky backing means the covers present in the back of the tiles just call for a bit of peeling ‘n’ sticking on the desired wall. Is it not an intelligent idea? With regards to the installation of these tiles, it is actually fairly effortless and smooth.

Self adhesive wall tiles are basically one of the most revolutionary and chic merchandise in the world of wall decorations. Elaborating around the context of decorating designs in these tiles, they are available in a huge range like, mimic marbles which features a glassy appearance with little etchings in it. The other types are motif, forms, chromatic, mosaic and so on. With such a great deal of varieties present in self adhesive wall tiles, ceramic tiles are not the only alternative for interior decorating.

Advantages of Employing Self Adhesive Wall Tiles on Walls
They are magnificent, beautiful and definitely lift up the looks on any surface. All you will need to do is measure the tile’s dimensions, cut and peel out the cover and stick it to the wall. This way they usually do not make a mess and instantly transform your bathroom or kitchen in no time at all.

In addition, self adhesive wall tiles are used to hide any unclean surface you might have in your home. Also note that whenever you plan to stick these tiles on a wall that have a glossy surface, make sure that you just sand the place just before you stick the self adhesive wall tiles on it. This will enable the tiles to not fall from its place. A different aspect to find out is these tiles are uncomplicated to cut and match them into the desired place. The easiest portion is, the cutting does not require tough tools,  just easy scissors or a blade may well do the job perfectly.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to be a designer or possibly a decorator nor a skilled contractor to do this kind of job. Just decide the place for installing the self adhesive wall tiles correctly and stick them in. For those who work this way, that you can be confident to create a great and trendy household decor.

Using Decorative Mirrors to Enhance Your Home

Sunday, August 30th, 2009 |

Throughout the ages, mirrors have different uses, from creating fire to decorating our homes. A mirror is a reflecting plane that structures the reflection of anything provided the light waves coming from that thing falls on that plane. Typically, it is a glass pane that is layered with the silver or aluminum coat at its back that results in the formation of image. Decorative mirrors are a very good source of decorating your house and making imaginary space in your house. A good quality decorative mirror can make your house or office look classier than it actually is.

Simple But Chic Home Decors

Sunday, July 26th, 2009 |

Recycling is in and you can decorate your house with some items that you have recycled and turn them into a work of art. You may call it getting cheap buy we are being practical now and besides, we all can do our share in helping our planet while having a blast with making your home a reflection of your personality and style.


Types of Home and Office Wallpapers

Friday, April 25th, 2008 |

Wallpapers are materials which are used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices and other buildings and is  aspect of interior decorating. Wallpapers can come either plain so it can be painted or with patterned designs. There are also different types of wallpaper namely:

Vinyl coated paper
This wallpaper has a paper substrate on which the decorative surface has been sprayed or coated with an acrylic type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Vinyl wallpaper is classified as scrubbable and strippable and is suitable in any area. These papers are better resistant to grease and moisture than plain paper, and are great for bathrooms and kitchens.

Paper backed vinyl/solid sheet vinyl
This wallpaper has a paper (pulp) substrate laminated to a solid decorative surface. This is durable because the decorative surface is a solid sheet of vinyl. Classified as scrubbable and peelable, this type of wallpaper can be used in most areas of the house due to its moisture, grease and strain resistant qualities. However, this type of wallpaper will not withstand hard physical abuse like mudrooms or storage areas.


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