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Foundation Repair in Edmonton Home Improvement 

Foundation Repair in Edmonton

Concrete is a very rigid construction material that is used in a range of construction projects. However, the material is prone to cracking and even new buildings can experience cracked foundations. If you are experiencing such a problem, you should get experts in foundation repair to help you fix it. The best part about this is that there are construction companies that are well-known for providing great foundation repair services.

Foundation Repair in Edmonton

If you are based in Edmonton and have issues with your foundation, there are companies that have specifically specialized in foundation repair, which can help. They can handle residential as well as commercial foundation repair. Whether you are experiencing dampness or leaking problems in the basement of your house, the experts at these companies have all it takes to get the problem fixed. They can offer you:

  1. Weeping Tile Installation and Foundation Waterproofing

Most homes that were put up in the 1930s, ’40s and even ’50s did not actually have any weeping tiles installed around their foundations. This is because the weeping tile technology was not available to home builders in those days. If you have such a building, you can call in these experts and they will install a weeping tile system that will move water away from your building’s foundation. Once they have installed the system, they will waterproof all exterior walls. The best thing is that their weeping tile cost is quite affordable and hence it will not destabilize your budget.

  1. Foundation Insulation Installation

You can also count on these experts to provide you with quality foundation installation. They can install the foundation insulation board, which is normally used as a component in different foundation building systems. This will add a 9.6 R-value to your foundation, providing a range of benefits, including those listed below:

  1. a) It will provide a monolithic insulation layer which will eliminate thermal shorts and reduce thermal stresses that could cause cracking in concrete walls.
  2. b) The board’s smooth surface that is in close contact with the soil will provide the capillary-breaking layer, which will direct water to the building’s weeping tile system.

c)The board’s grooved surface that is in close contact with your foundation wall will provide an extra drainage plane, which will relieve the hydrostatic pressure that could develop close to your foundation wall, while directing water to your weeping tiles.

d)It will protect your waterproofing from damage, especially during backfilling.

  1. Crack Repair

The worst thing about cracks is that they can develop in foundations of different ages, and when water pools close to such a crack, it is likely to leak into the basement. This could manifest as water stains in the basement walls or water running down your walls when it rains. If you are witnessing any of these things, you can contact these experts and they will come and seal off the crack.

These experts can also install window wells and sump pumps that will help to improve the drainage around your building. They are very efficient and will strive to ensure that the integrity of your building is protected. Whether you want to know the weeping tile cost or need professional foundation repair in Edmonton, they can assist you.

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