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Choosing Countertops for Your Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver Home Innovations 

Choosing Countertops for Your Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver

There are many decisions to make when planning a home improvement project such as kitchen renovation. When it comes to kitchen renovations, one of the most essential things is to choose the right countertops. Do not make a rushed decision based on just price and colour. You should take your time and research different options to get one that will best suit your use, your family’s needs, and definitely, look nice. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right countertops in Vancouver for your kitchen renovation.

Consider Price

Price might not be the major consideration when choosing your countertops in Vancouver, but it is still important that you conduct adequate research and understand pricing before making your choice. Different countertop materials will sell at different prices, so go for one that best suits your budget. Home improvement projects are quite expensive, so have a budget before going shopping. Overspending on one area could cripple the whole project, so be careful. Look for countertop materials that you can afford.

Shop for Durability

The kitchen is a very important area in any home. If you like cooking and trying out new things in the kitchen, you should consider durability when buying countertops in Vancouver. However, if you are renovating the kitchen exclusively to improve your home’s resale value, you can go with less durable options. Compare countertop options to choose one that meets your needs.

Choose Your Colour

There is really no limitation when it comes to countertop colour options. Make sure you think long term when making your decision. Natural colours, such as brown and black, have good staying power and they will keep your kitchen looking modern for many years. You should also consider backsplashes, cabinet colour, and flooring. If you do not know the best countertop colour to go with the rest of your home, your home improvement contractor can advise.

Understand Installation Requirements

Countertop installation can affect the final price of your kitchen renovation project. Some countertops are easy to install and you can carry out the installation on your own. However, other options will require expert installation. Some homeowners consider this an unnecessary expense, but that is not true. It is advisable to hire an expert for countertop installation to have the job done right. Unless you have the required knowledge and experience in the industry, it is advisable to hire an expert for the job.

Fortunately, you can get a reliable yet affordable expert to install your countertops in Vancouver. There are many of these experts out there, so it is possible to get an affordable one who offers quality services. Compare cost of service from one service provider to another to get a good deal. However, beware of experts with extremely low prices.

Plan for Maintenance

Decide what you want out of your kitchen remodeling. Do you want it to make your life easier? Do your children tend to use knives directly on the countertop? Consider the manner in which you use your kitchen countertops and pick an option that will be easy to maintain.

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