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Important Information on Commercial Door Hardware in Toronto Home Improvement 

Important Information on Commercial Door Hardware in Toronto

Choosing the right door for your business is not an easy task because you want it to look great while at the same time serving its function of protecting your business. There are several things to think about beyond the type of door to choose. When you purchase commercial doors, they often come unfinished. This means the door comes without hardware such as handles, closers and commercial door knobs in Toronto. You will likely get a door with a bore hole as well as a cross bore, and then you will decide on the door hardware in Toronto to buy.

As a business owner, one of the most essential decisions you will make is the kind of lockset or knob to choose. To help you decide on the best lockset to install for your commercial door, this article breaks down some common door hardware terms for you. Read on to understand common locksets, handles and commercial door knobs in Toronto that you might want to utilize in your business.

Commercial Lever Handles

Commercial lever handles are usually used for exterior doors and they look like lever door handles meant for residential use. However, they are designed to a more advanced standard for extra strength. They are built with a heavy-duty cylindrical chassis. They can also be designed with mortise style locksets. Moreover, they are built in both heavy duty and light duty versions to match the needs of different businesses.

Before ordering commercial lever handles, ensure that you note the direction in which your door swings. This is important because if you place a wrong order, the lever could end up upside down, the lock on the wrong side of your door, or in some cases the lever could point to the wrong direction completely.


Commercial Door Knobs

There are both exterior and interior commercial door knobs in Toronto, just like residential knobs. Generally, locking knobs will be used on exterior commercial doors while interior doors might or might not need a lock, or might need to lock from just one direction.

Some of the most common types of commercial door knobs in Toronto include passage knobs, hotel knobs, dummy knobs and keyed entry knobs. Ensure that the commercial knobs and locks you buy for your business are graded on durability and strength by the relevant organizations. This grading will help you know how secure the lock or knob is.


Deadbolts are utilized to secure doors with thick bolts inserted in the doorjamb. There are single and double cylinder deadbolts. The choice here will depend on the kind of door you are installing. For example, double cylinder deadbolts work best with glass doors. Your door hardware company will advise you on the best choice for your commercial door.

Ensure that the company you get your commercial door hardware from is reputable. They should also offer a wide variety of door hardware in Toronto. Ensure that the employees of the company are factory-trained and qualified to offer exemplary installation and service. Your business is an important investment and you will be at peace knowing that it is protected at all times.

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