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Selecting a Benjamin Moore Paint Shade for a Baby or Child’s Room in Vaughan Home Improvement 

Selecting a Benjamin Moore Paint Shade for a Baby or Child’s Room in Vaughan

When it comes to the baby’s room or a child’s room, you might be agonizing over what to choose at this very moment. While as a parent this may be one of the easier things that you face in life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use a little help when it comes to selecting certain paint shades for a baby or child’s room!

If you are open and now taking suggestions for paint shades for your child or children’s rooms, you’ve come to the right place. We have tons of appealing suggestions and we’re going to tell you why you want them. If you are looking for that perfect shade of Benjamin Moore in North York or Benjamin Moore in Vaughan, you have come to the right place.


Selecting a Benjamin Moore Paint Shade for a Baby or Child’s Room


Sweet Celadon


If you love hip but muted forest shades, you are going to fall in love with Sweet Celadon. This Benjamin Moore shade is unreal and so cute and calming. Light green has never looked so incredible and it’s a calming lovely shade of green that is close to celery and shale but very light and appealing.


Balboa Mist


These shades of brown are going to turn you on to the magic of a taupe or super mild brown shade. Balboa Mist is a great example of a wonderful neutral from Benjamin Moore in North York that you might really like. Balboa Mist is really soft and a nice taupe-cream blend that you might just want to steal for your bedroom or living room and find something else for your kids, but it is a nice option for a baby’s room.


Hamilton Blue


This is a new twist on a classic blue. Get all of the calming and nice soothing nature of blue but without it being a gaudy royal blue. Great for a boy’s room.


Gray Owl


Want something soothing and light? Check out Benjamin Moore in Vaughan and ask if they can show you a sample of Gray Owl. There are many more grays that can be cute, but this lightest of the grays may look cuter than you accounted for. Stonington Gray is also nice if you want a darker gray.


Breath of Fresh Air


A light and airy sky blue is just the ticket for any newborn or child’s room. This blue is just adorable without being too much on the eyes or sickeningly pastel. It’s very nice and works for anything so it is a great go-to if you’re stumped (and you can always paint over it).


Green Bay


This Benjamin Moore shade is that dark forest green that is a great vibrant colour for a child’s room. It is a choice, however! You can go to Pine Grove if you want something that is even darker and more pine-like, but for a child’s room or a young infant, you might want Benjamin Moore Moonshine, Sea-Salt, or Healing Aloe for shades that range from light gray to light green.

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