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Tips for Choosing Commercial Paving Contractors in Markham Construction 

Tips for Choosing Commercial Paving Contractors in Markham

If you own commercial property, you know that well-maintained sidewalks, parking lots and driveways are essential to maintaining your company’s positive image with your clients, as well as with the general public. Crumbling concrete, faded striping and poorly laid asphalt are not acceptable. Not all commercial paving contractors are created equal, so with today’s shrinking budgets and thin profit margins, it is especially important to choose wisely. Here are some tips to help you choose the right commercial paving contractor for your project:

Go With a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractor

You should only deal with commercial paving contractors who are recognized in your area of residence. There are many scammers out there posing as genuine paving contractors, so be very careful. Ask for proof of licensing and ensure that the documents presented are genuine and valid. If you have doubts, contact the relevant authorities for confirmation. You can even contact your local consumer organization to check if there are any client complaints against a company you are considering for commercial paving in Markham.

You should hire a contractor who carries adequate liability insurance for every job. Things might go wrong, causing massive property damage, and if you engage an uninsured contractor, you might end up being made responsible for this.

All-Inclusive Services

You do not want to hire one company for parking lots and another for your sidewalks and driveways. For the sake of simplicity and expediency, choose an all-purpose paving contractor whom you can rely on for all your paving needs. This saves you a lot of time.

Experience Matters

Whether your paving needs are simple or complicated, you want to partner with a contractor that is experienced in handling any situation. When choosing between a new company and an experienced one, you should go with experience every time.

Ask for References

References should be available upon request. Talk to the references provided and ask if they would hire the company in question again for projects involving paving in Markham. If a few people who have worked with the contractor in question before have good things to say about the service provided, then you are on the right track. Avoid any commercial paving contractor who is hesitant to provide you with this information.


If you operate a business with constant traffic moving in and out of the premises during business hours, you simply cannot afford any disruption to your usual workflow. Reliable commercial paving contractors will be flexible and ready to work during off-hours for your convenience.

On-Time Guarantee

You cannot afford to have any paving job drag on for several weeks. Choose a paving contractor who guarantees not to leave the job until it is complete and is committed to doing it in the shortest amount of time possible.

Finding reliable commercial paving contractors is important for your business. The secret here is to avoid hiring the first paving contractor you come across. Instead, conduct extensive research and thoroughly examine your potential candidates to get the best. Ensure that the contractor you hire for paving in Markham is experienced, licensed, insured and flexible.

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