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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty in the Colder Months Home Improvement 

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty in the Colder Months

Your home is great all year round, but is it warm in those cold months? When winter hits, you find out just how well insulated your house really is. Sometimes there are more drafts and cool areas happening in our homes than we would like to admit.

Is your home ready for the cold temperatures? Or, is it a little chilly on the home front? Well, not to worry, because we’ve come up with five great tips to help you keep your home warm when the cold weather hits. Read on to find out how to keep your house toasty during the winter.

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty in the Colder Months

1. Use a space heater.

Using a space heater in the colder months can be an efficient way to get warm. Instead of heating the whole house, you can heat one room at a time. That way, you can save money by having the home at a lower temperature, while you use a space heater to get the area you’re in nice and toasty. You can find a space heater at any department store near you or go online to find one.

2. Fix your furnace.

While furnace repair can be satisfying, it’s usually a task best left to the pros. Regardless, getting furnace repair services or even installing a furnace will help heat up your home. Contact Edmonton furnace installations professionals for help installing a new furnace. Edmonton furnace installations experts will help you get a new furnace up and running so you can weather the winter in a warm and toasty fashion without having to break out your sweater collection.

3. Make sure your attic is insulated.

Without a well-insulated attic, you may as well kiss your money goodbye. Attics are known for leaking heat during the colder months. Give your home a sweater and upgrade the insulation or install some if you don’t have any. An insulated attic will not only save you on your utility bills, but it’ll also keep your home naturally toasty during the winter without any drafts.

4. Seal up the windows.

Stores offer special seals that you can put on your windows at home. These seals reduce the amount of heat leaking out through the glass and cracks in the windows. You can save money on your electric bill, but you will also get a home that is naturally warmer without having to crank up the heat. These seals are usually made out of plastic and pretty easy to install, and you can just take them off when it finally starts to warm up.

5. Get a fire going.

We don’t mean that you should set your home on fire – there are far more efficient ways to generate heat. We’re talking about good old fashioned fireplaces, logs, and matches to create a fire that heats your whole home. All you need is some wood and a working fireplace in your home and you are good to go. The heat will help keep your rooms toasty, and it provides a nice opportunity to snuggle up next to the fire with some wine and a good book.

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