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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Heating Contractors Home Improvement 

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Heating Contractors

When there is something wrong with your furnace or air conditioning system, the first person you should call is a heating contractor. These contractors not only sell, install and repair air conditioners, but also sell thermostats, furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and ductworks. They also offer expert services like duct sealing, energy balancing and air balancing. You can also count on heating contractors to help you decide on the best air conditioner and furnace for your home. If you want your air conditioner repaired or furnace repairs in Edmonton, you should consider taking extra time to choose the best contractor for the job.

Here are some factors to consider in choosing air conditioning contractors.


Asking how long a contractor has been operational is very important. Longevity in this business can tell two things about a contractor: 1) it is likely that the company has made many clients happy and satisfied; 2) that the contractor has established an amazing track record. Do not hesitate to ask for references from your potential contractor to verify their record.

Licensing and Other Certifications

Lots of professional air conditioning contractors have certifications to show that they are qualified for the job. To get a license, a contractor has to take an examination to test their knowledge on repair, design, maintenance and function for heating and cooling systems. Besides that, a contractor has to know the state mechanical codes which can protect the home and equipment of their clients. Many contractors display this license on their pick-up trucks, business cards and ads. If you do not see one, ask for it.


When considering the services of a certain heating contractor, check if they have proper insurance. Both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance policies are important. The former is for employees in case they get hurt while working on your property while the latter protects your property. When hiring a contractor for furnace repairs in Edmonton, always ensure that they are insured.


Asking for recommendations for the best heating contractors in your area is a good thing. Ask for opinions of different people about a certain contractor. Listen to as many experiences as possible to know of the air conditioning contractors to hire and those to avoid. If a contractor has a lot of recommendations, this is a good sign.


Ask a potential contractor for a list of references from happy and satisfied clients. Use this list to get in touch with the references and ask how their experience was with the contractor. Ask if they would hire the contractor again, if given a chance. If a contractor cannot give you a list of references, move to the next.

Put It in Writing

Ensure that you ask for a statement in writing for everything you talk about with your prospective heating contractor. This includes price, cost of specific supplies, change order policy, start and end dates, and last payment due. Warranty should also be presented in writing. Good air conditioning contractors will have no problem guaranteeing their services. If a contractor is hesitant to warrant their work, this could be a bad sign.



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